The Pioneer Centre Online (Zoom)
24th - 30th October 2020
(God Willing)

Due to COVID-19 we have sadly had to cancel our regular study week this year 😭
However, we are running an online event instead!
Main studies:
A few moments with the Master
Bro Ben Collard, Longbridge
Studies in Chronicles
Bro Tom Bennett, Dudley Queens Cross

A week of study and virtual fellowship (and limited in-person activity where possible).



Two main series of studies, with a couple of additional standalone sessions.



Lessons and activities for the children (hopefully in-person alongside Zoom), with a short presentation to the adults at the end of the week.


Opportunities to catch-up virtually over a cuppa.



Time each morning to discuss and reflect on the daily readings.



One session each day will be bilingual (English & Farsi) to benefit our Iranian brothers and sisters.



We are hoping to have a limited outdoor in-person meetup where possible within the guidelines.

Whilst we are unable to meet at the Pioneer Centre this year, we hope to retain as much of the spirit and feel of the week as we can, whilst making the most of the opportunities an online event gives us.

For those in the Warwickshire area, we hope (guidance and weather permitting) to have a limited element of outdoor in-person interaction so the week is not exclusively online.

An overview of the programme can be found here.

To receive meeting details closer to the time, and to help us manage numbers for in-person activities, please use the button below to register.

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